Renault Clio Electrique & andra elbilar
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Re: Re: Re: Kalla batterier?
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Re: Re: Re: Kalla batterier?
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Re: Re: Re: Kalla batterier?
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Re: Re: Re: Kalla batterier?
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Re: Re: Re: Kalla batterier?
It is sad when bad things hapepn to good people. I have a very good friend who is visually impaired. After struggling to get admission into college and law school, he has now successfully completed a double major undergraduate degree, has a law degree AND an LLM to boot. He is truly my inspiration to live on when something bad hapepns. He is my role model for perseverence. This friend of mine has had MANY and I do mean MANY bumps in the road. The latest catastrophe to befall him was a tornado near Gainesville, Florida that did not hit any other home but his and caused his mobile home to be destroyed completely. This situation practically left my friend and his family homeless because their home was uninsurable! His family consists of his elderly mother, his disabled adopted brother, and an elderly friend who is half paralyzed. I don't know how my friend manages, to take this situation, pull his way out and not only remain happy, but continue to try to help others and be there for them! Sometimes, we have Gems in Life, and I try to learn from them. His life gives me perspective and reminds me not to complain when the smaller things hapepn. On a different note, as you know, many Indians believe in Karma but one theory we have to answer the question why do bad things hapepn to good people? is that the bad event is hapepning to the present person because of some bad action committed by an ancestor of that individual. It is perhaps because of this theory that many Karma believing individuals try to conduct themselves appropriately so as not to cause problems for their kids or future generations! How do you like that one?

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